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We are a Kubota Dealer, but Kubota Parts are Not Available to order via our Website.

To place an order, please contact our Parts Department:

1) Email the Part # or Model # along with a Description to
Parts @ ArtsLawnMowerShop.com, or
2) Call us at (314) 741-1055 for a quick reply. Please have your model and/or parts numbers ready before calling.

Kubota Part # Look-up

Have your Model # available & want to look at a Parts diagram? Go to: http://www.kubota.com/part/partslist.aspx

Kubota parts can not be added directly to your cart, but you can view the parts diagrams here to gather part #s before calling in or emailing us. Just click the box next to "I accept the Terms and Conditions," then click the OPEN button to begin!