2019 Land Pride LR3784

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The new LR37 Series Landscape Rakes are perfectly suited for housing construction, road reconditioning, run-off control projects, and reforestation sites to spread rock, move debris, seed preparation, final soil surface preparation, and reshaping soil and/or aggregate profile.

  • 84" Working Width: Covers tire tracks and allows user to cover large areas in less time.
  • 35-80 Tractor HP Range: Fits many tractors with a Cat. l or Cat. ll 3-point hitch.
  • Quick Hitch Compatible: Fits Land Pride Quick Hitch for a quick and easy one person hook-up.
  • Retractable Parking Stand: Keeps frame off the ground and makes hook-up easier.
  • 2 1/2" Pivot Shaft: Heavy-duty shaft. Heaviest in its class.
  • 16 1/2" Rake Height: Can move a great deal of material.
  • Rake Teeth Support Channel: Design with channel support. This design supports the rake teeth better than competitor models. Prevents teeth entanglement and keeps attachment hardware from working loose.
  • 5/16" x 1" High-Carbon Spring Steel Teeth: Sized to eliminate premature bending and tooth breakage. Constructed of materials that have "memory" to spring back to shape.
  • Individual Replaceable Teeth: Makes replacing a damaged tooth quick and easy without removing all of the teeth.
  • Rake Angle 5 Positions: Versatility in operation. Vary how much material to move.
  • Rake Offset 7 Positions: Versatility in operation. Allows the unit to work closer to objects on the side the rake is of set towards.
  • Dual Gauge Wheels Accessory: Gives operator better depth control. Wide & narrow wheels available.
  • Flip-Down Grader Blade with End Plates Accessory: Enables the rake to perform light blading duties for moving and leveling dirt as well as other materials. Grader blade can be flipped up when not in use.
  • Rear Blade Attachment Accessory: The rake assembly can be removed from the main frame and a Rear Blade attached to give the Land Pride Rake versatility.
  • Hydraulic Angling Accessory: Allows operator to change rake angle from the tractor seat.
  • Rake Width: 84 in.
  • Approximate Weight (lb.): 488
  • Number of Teeth: 42
  • Horsepower Rating: 35-80
  • Hitch Category: Cat. L & ll Combination (Quick Hitch Compatible)
  • Pivot Shaft Diameter: 2 1/2 in.
  • Rake Height: 16 1/2 in.
  • Parking Stand: Standard
  • in.dividual Replaceable Teeth: Standard
  • Teeth Size: 5/16 in. x 1 in. Wide
  • Teeth Spacing: 2 in. Centers
  • Teeth Material: High-Carbon, Spring Steel
  • Rake Angle Standard Manually: 5 Positions, Maximum 30 deg. Right or Left in. 15 deg. increments
  • Rake Angle Hydraulically: Any deg. up to 45 deg.
  • Rake Offset Manually: 7 Positions, Maximum 45 deg. Right or Left in. 15o increments
  • Dual Gauge Wheels Accessory: Dual Narrow Width Wheels 13 in. x 4 in. x 6 in. or Dual Wide Width Wheels 13 in. x 6.5 in. x 6 in.
  • Flip-Down Grader Blade Accessory: Flip-Down, Self-Supporting Grader Blade with Blade-up Locking Handles and Locking Pins
  • Rear Blade Attachment Accessory: Available in. 72 in., 84 in. & 96 in. Working Widths
Dual gauge wheels are capable of supporting Flip Down Grader Blade Accessory.



Working Width
84 in.
84 1/2 in.
56 1/4 in.


Recommended HP
35 - 80 hp
488 lb.

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