Service Department

The service department has 4 full time technicians committed to giving you full satisfaction for your repair. We service all the lines we sell, as well as most other brands. We provide full warranty service as well. At Art's we emphasize preventive maintenance, and urge you to take advantage of the many specials we offer throughout the year.

Our commitment to the commercial cutter is to keep you mowing. We prioritize our commercial customers' repairs for fast turn around. Ask for details at our Service Counter.

For both our residential and commercial customers, we offer pre-scheduling for maintenance work on equipment. Instead of your equipment waiting in line to go into the shop, pre-scheduling holds your spot in line so you can use your equipment and bring it in at the time it's scheduled in the shop. To help our customers having mowers repaired, we have loaner walk mowers available. Anyone in our Parts or Service Departments can help you with pre-scheduling or scheduling to reserve a loaner mower.

Our technicians continually attend service schools for all the lines we carry to stay up to date with new developments and technologies. We have several master and expert designated technicians on the major engine lines. You are assured of receiving top quality service even on specialties such as hydraulics and electrical systems.


We have Free loaner walk mowers available!!

We understand being without a mower can be frustrating, especially when service turn-around times become longer during peak seasons.  While your mower is in for service, our Free Loaner Walk Mowers can be used to keep your grass under control!  No Stress!!  ASK THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT FOR MORE DETAILS!


  • Discussion of your equipment's recommended regular maintenance, it's possible problems, and counter-estimates given by our service writers--are always free.  We are happy to provide as much insight as possible prior to the technicians involvement.
  • A service deposit is required before a unit is put into our service line to wait for a technician's inspection in our shop (some exceptions apply).
  • Deposits are then applied to the final balance due.  Deposits are not an additional charge, just a pre-payment toward your final expenses.
  • Deposit levels:  Hand held units: $45, Walk Mowers: $50, Riding equipment: $100, Commercial Wide- Area Walk Behinds:$100
  • Diagnosis & Estimate by Technician:  For equipment not recommended to be repaired after a technician's review, you will only owe the technician for their diagnosis time, usually equal to your deposit.  As a courtesy, you can receive a partial credit of your deposit from our sales department toward the purchase of a new replacement!  Ask the sales OR service department for more details!